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Meet Mary: Diary of A Fat Chick!!!

HELLO to you all!! Just to introduce myself: my name is Mary, and my diary started in May 2017.

I am a 40-something woman with a couple of issues that some of you may relate to – like a lot of people on the planet I am a tad short for my weight…

Sadly, despite numerous searches, I was unable to find a way of growing now that I am out of my teenage years that was neither illegal or would not cost me my life!

As such I had to choose the other option (Lord help me!) and shrink my weight to within my height limit…

I am also partial to the odd glass (or barrel, ha!) of grape juice which, as such, has got me in quite a pickle in the quest as mentioned above…

As such the pickle it has got me in is as follows:

One night after a tad too much juice, I saw an ad online for a free trial to BMF (British Military Bootcamp).

So as a few of us have done in the past, I made a decision under the influence and joined up!!

Well, my first session….Lord help me I honestly thought I was going to die!! My back hurt, my feet are still not speaking to me and I really thought I was going to throw up. This was just “jogging’ down the hill” in what they called a ‘Warm Up’. Seriously: WTAF?!!!

So anyone that has done BMF will know that your first session is free and, to be honest, I can understand why – it is tough going. There are people that do not even make it through the first class.

However, not this muppet…… In my genius under the Influence state I signed up for 6 months!!! YES 6 MONTHS and UNLIMITED SESSIONS membership!!!!

Now one of the instructors is called ‘Colin’ and really knows his stuff – he managed to talk me into coming back to the next class, and the next, and the next – so much so I no longer need to be talked into going.

It has now been built into my weekly routine.

I must admit that I actually love going. I can now ‘run’ – although in my case it is more of a bounce at a fast pace.

I can do burpees. In fact, my first fitness test was 20 in 2 mins!! (I still think they counted wrong) and although my weight has not really changed…my shape has.

Anyway, 8 weeks on from this crazy evening, I signed on to an event with them called ‘Path to Ben Nevis’.

This time last year I could barely walk up the stairs without getting out of breath.. However, my first climb was up Ben A’an and a couple of weeks later I went up Schiehallion, followed by Ben Lawers and then in September Ben Nevis.

I had also signed up for a few 5k runs – including at the Transplant Games that my darling husband took part in – following a dual transplant 5 years ago, followed by doing a 10k Mud Run with obstacles!

All in all, it’s a daily struggle and although hubby does moan at me for the amount of juice sometimes consumed, it has to be said that on this occasion, something good has come out of it.

I am currently fitter than I have ever been in my life.

Hope this has inspired you. It’s never too late to start!!!

Mary x