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Diary of A Fat Chick!!! Part Two…

The Fitness Test.

For those that read my last article, I decided on a lifestyle change at the beginning of the year, and part of this is that I signed up for Boot Camp classes courtesy of BMF!

At the classes you have 3 levels: Blue – for beginners, Red for intermediates & Greens for more experienced and fit people.

Once a month you are given the option to take part in a fitness test if you wish to move up a group.

Below is my story of such a test ? Now normally I am the fat elephant rolling about the park giving folk a laugh while trying to do various exercises…

However, there seems to be a development!

When I joined in February, I could not even ‘jog’ from the car park to the first ‘sleeping policeman’ without stopping for breath.

In April I took my first fitness test and was delighted with getting 70 points…some of the guys who had finished the first part came back for me and with lots of encouragement and support helped me to cross the finish line (I will never forget this xx ).

They met me at the Bungalow and jogged me all the way to the Monument. If I am totally honest, I would have just walked it without them.
I think they secretly thought I was lost as I took so long lol.


In August, I decided to try again and was utterly delighted with my performance…

You need 140 points at least to get into a Red bib…Last test I got 70.

In August, I got 131!!!!

How on earth this has happened I do not know; delighted was a total understatement.

I would like to say it was all down to me. However, upon reflection, if it was not for the encouragement from some of the people I have met that I can now call friends, this would not have been possible.

From those that bounce beside me when needed, egging me on when needed and for being as crazy as I am.

My wonderful instructors that constantly encourage me every week and tell me how well I am doing or how much weight I have lost. I promise I would not have done this without them all.

I have learned that getting fit is not just about me, but about the people around me – and without them all I honestly would have not got as far as I have – and can only hope in the future that I can help people in the way that they have all helped me. It’s done as a team xxxxxx

Next Fitness Test I will get that Red bib!!!

Until next time

Mazza xx