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Meet Helen McCardle who says, “Let’s Dare!”

My story so far…..
I met Louise at a Women in Business event when I launched my business – training and consultancy services on 8th October 2015. Louise is a passionate business woman who relishes in sharing her motivation for both fitness and business. Her journey has been an inspiration for many women.


For years my weight has been up and down. However, this year, my weight was the heaviest I have been in my life.

In fact my start weight was the same weight I was when I was expecting my son at full term! My son said to me “mum, you can only blame me for so long for your weight problem, I’m 26 now”!!  Healthy eating and fitness, it is all about mind set, realising it is a long-term life-changing habit.

My GP said, “Statistically if you don’t lose weight, you won’t see past your 60th birthday.”

Three years ago, I was crippled down my right hand side; a life-changing episode for me and my family.

Thankfully after an MRI and a lumber puncture to investigate MS or stroke were cleared; the Professor and my GP said it could be viral/stress related – I was a mystery to the medical profession.

I couldn’t believe the mental and physical impact this had on my body. I had to give up my job which hit me hard. However…it led to very positive things – setting up my own business and working the hours which suited me, to achieve a better work life balance.

In April this year, my sister’s son Alan died suddenly, aged just 41. He suffered from epilepsy since his teenage life. I wrote a poem of the happy memories I shared with my dear nephew which I was to read out at his funeral service.

I looked out my outfit for his funeral and I couldn’t believe how much weight I had further gained. Alan was always very proud of me when I got fit previously in my 30s (he was always slim throughout his life), hill climbing, cycling, I played squash and swimming. As I finished reading his poem at his service, I thought to myself, “This is it. Mindset change. I want to get fit again”.

I truly believe he was telling me to do it!

I was inspired to join a slimming group by my sister who has maintained her weight loss for over a year.

To date I have lost 2 stones 3lbs since starting at the end of May 2017 (my goal is 4 stone total).

I’m thoroughly enjoying cycling again, swimming meeting new friends too, enjoying life again.

I’m grateful and thankful for your time to share my story, and I wish Louise and Rona all the very best on their exciting journey with ‘She Who Dares Wins’….

Let’s dare…GO FOR IT! 

Love Helen x